Natalie Choate’s Seminar Schedule

Here are all my currently booked seminars, by date and city. I hope to see you soon at one of them!

All seminars are for professional audiences unless otherwise indicated. If no contact phone number or linked web site is shown, the event is for members only. The topic for these talks is some aspect of “Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits” unless otherwise noted.

*indicates a NEW engagement added since the last update (or a seminar with changed information since the last update — such as a new date, topic or contact person).*

*September 7, 2018

Indianapolis, IN
Indiana Continuing Legal Ed. Forum (ICLEF)
“The All-day Seminar: Estate & Distribution Planning for Retirement Benefits,” with emphasis on practical solutions, fine points often overlooked, and recent developments (especially the impact of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017)
Jim Whitesell

September 25, 2018

Albany, NY
Estate Planning Council of Eastern New York
“Lifetime Distribution Strategies”
“Roth Immersion Workshop”

*October 17, 2018

Springfield, MA
Western New England University
3-hour seminar: “A Morning with Natalie Choate”
[Estate & distribution planning for retirement benefits—specific topics to be announced]
Lina Dias

*October 26, 2018

Atlanta (Buckhead), GA
Southern Federal Tax Institute
“70½: How to Compute, Take, Minimize, and/or Avoid RMDs”

*January 17–18, 2019

Orlando, FL
University of Miami Law School’s 53rd Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
“Life Before and After Death with the Minimum Distribution Trust Rules”
“IRA Mistakes and How to Fix Them”
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